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    Some background information


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    Some background information Empty Some background information

    Post by Tjay

    Welcome to UK Armour's website forum

    UKA was set up by myself in late 2012 when I first got involved with Steel Beasts Pro PE having played online flight simulators for many years. I was expecting to join an existing UK VU and was surprised to find that there wasn't one. In response to forum enquiries I was encouraged to create one despite I had been playing the game for only a few weeks. A few of the 'old guard' saw this as innapropriate but  I generally got a warm welcome.  

    Only Crusty and Hedgehog remain from the dozen or so people who joined UKA in the first few weeks. My personal background is as a military and commercial helicopter pilot - back in days when Pontius was still an active pilot.

    At the end of 2013 we held a 'C.O election' and Crusty took over as C.O. Hoggydog took over for 2014. At that time we had about 20 'members' with a regular turnout of 12 or so on Sunday evenings. Unfortunately two or three individuals then decided to fall out with each other in a very public fashion, leading to many good players leaving. At the end of that year I once again assumed command of a very diminished V.U.

    During December 2015 UKA was lucky enough to receive an influx of experienced and very enthusiastic Scandinavians who have breathed new life into the unit.

    The difference between the old and new UKAs is that we are no longer a 'members only' V.U and anyone (within reason) is welcome particpate in our Sunday evening sessions. Regular particpants are encouraged to register on the website to get extra information that will not necessarily appear on the SB forum.

    I hope you will enjoy playing with us.

    Best wishes
    C.O UK Armour.

    PS. Links that you as a new member here should read:
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