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    DONE - Catastrophe for Sweden - Sunday February 7th


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    DONE - Catastrophe for Sweden - Sunday February 7th Empty DONE - Catastrophe for Sweden - Sunday February 7th

    Post by swordsmandk on Fri Jan 22, 2016 2:10 pm

    Catastrophe for sweden 2015 initial Meeting engagement
    Excerpts of the battalion commander's orders for...

    DONE - Catastrophe for Sweden - Sunday February 7th Img004-www-384x415

    DONE - Catastrophe for Sweden - Sunday February 7th BwNCbhM

    DONE - Catastrophe for Sweden - Sunday February 7th Ox08DDV

    Russian forces have made an unprovoked attack on Sweden and have for the first 48 hours made lightning advances while the Swedish forces have been scrambling to mobilize.
    Because of this, yesterday the Swedish government and their King and Queen have fled to Copenhagen and have asked to join NATO and NATO have rushed NRF Forces to Sweden as a result and late last night NATO officially accepted Sweden as their 29th member state.
    NATO and Russia are now fully at war and all 29 states are mobilising.

    Finland have been fighting since the beginning but have now been pushed back into the northern part of Sweden.

    a) Enemy:
    The Russian landing operations at Ystad and Trelleborg have failed because of the initial success of the Swedish air force and their Sea skimming anti ship missiles.
    The landings at Härnösand, Gävle, Stockholm and Norrköping have had some success.
    The Norrköping one have change direction to a more southerly direction and have for the last 36 hour been successful in driving down the coast and elements of the advance have been seen as far south as Karlskrona (8 Hours ago) and Kristianstad (2 Hours ago) and all indications seems to indicate they are trying to capture Malmö and Helsingborg to block further NATO Reinforcements

    Their forces Comprises a mix of a few heavy (Tanks and IFV) and Marine landing light forces (BTR and a few old Tanks) and Airborne units but we expect that their force is about 1,5 DIV strong but due to attrition but also because they have to drop units along the way to secure their supply routes so they don’t get cut off their frontal strength are as follows:

    Their 1st Echelon push will prolly be of 2 BTN to BDE size with a 2nd Echelon of 2 BTN size

    b) Own:
    The British have hurried in their 16 Air Assault Brigade and are trying to secure a line across Hässleholm, Ljungby and Växjö and will be reinforcing them with 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade from the UK.
    The French Foreign Legion's Paratroop Battalion have been Dropped at Jönköping and Värnamo
    The 72 Mech INF BTN from Revingehed have taken up a blocking Position between Vollsjö and Lövestad together with swedish Home Guard companies (from 46th Södra skånska HG bataljonen) in the area.
    The 41 and 42 MECH INF BTN have secured the area north of Skövde and around Uddevalla north of Göteborg
    The Danish Homeguard Mobile COYS have formed a brigade together with The Recruit conscripts that were almost finish with their 4 month service and have taken up blocking positions along A13 highway from Alesta to Höör.
    From Lövestad to the coast the line is made up of swedish Home guard units until the 2nd and 3rd Danish NRF Battlegroup arrive and takes over the responsibility.

    As soon as the rest of our Battle Group arrives we will together with the 72nd Swedish MECH INF BTN stop the Russian assault and start pushing back.

    Right now and for the next 48 to 72 hours we will try to stabilize the situation and counter any incursion over this line
    No artillery support are available to us yet since all domestic units is hard pressed atm. Limited Air Sorties might be available but almost all planes are currently tasked with attacking and trying to secure our airspace. This means for the time being we have local air superiority.

    However, 1 BTY of M109A3 are on the way and will start giving fire support as soon as they arrive.

    The situation is very uncertain, so Battlegroup and Company Commanders knows only the overall plan which might change at a moment's notice.

    The Swedish 72 MECH INF BTN are split into 4 Groups (COY strength) as follows:

    SL COY
    SL COY (Charlie, SL)
    +CT PLT / TL Tank COY (Delta,TL)

    QL COY
    QL COY (Alpha,QL)
    +NL PLT / PL COY (TOW)
    +BR PLT / RL HG COY  / 46 Södra skånska HG bataljonen (Oscar, RL)

    RL COY
    RL COY (Bravo,RL)
    +BT PLT / TL Tank COY (Delta,TL)

    TL COY
    TL Tank COY (Delta) - BT and CT PLT
    +CR PLT / RL COY (Bravo,RL)
    +AR PLT / RL HG COY  / 46. Södra skånska HG bataljonen (Oscar, RL)
    +CR PLT / RL HG COY  / 46. Södra skånska HG bataljonen(Oscar, RL)

    VL BTN
    KL PLT
    AL PLT
    BL PLT

    Danish NRF Forces

    1st PNINF BTN / Gardehusar REG
    2nd OPKL PLT / 1st OPKL SQN / 3rd RECON / Gardehusar REG
    2nd (Nybøl) BTY / 1AA / DAR

    1st PNINF BTN / Kongelige Livgarde REG
    3rd OPKL PLT / 1st OPKL SQN / 3rd RECON / Gardehusar REG
    3rd (Bardenfleth) BTY / 1AA / DAR

    1st PN BTN / Jyske Dragon REG:
    1st SQN / 1st PN BTN / Jyske Dragon REG
    2nd SQN / 1st PN BTN / Jyske Dragon REG
    3rd SQN / 1st PN BTN / Jyske Dragon REG
    4th COY / 1st PN BTN / Jyske Dragon REG
    HQ COY / 1st PN BTN / Jyske Dragon REG
    1st OPKL PLT  / 1st OPKL SQN / 3rd RECON / Gardehusar REG
    1st (Fløj)BTY / 1AA / DAR

    These 4 Swedish COYs, together with the 3 Danish NRF BGs are to be the disposition units of 1st Danish Brigade (4 BTNs +-)

    The 1st SQN and 4th COY of Freja are the first to arrive because of lack of transport capacity the rest will arrive piecemeal inside of the next 24 hours so for the first meeting engagement it will be  QL COY, RL COY, SL COY, TL COY and ⅓ of Freja

    c) Attachments and detachments:
    See Above

    2) MISSION:
    Our Mission are to stabilize the front line and try to stop any further advance on this front from the Russians then to build up and start counterattacking

    Eksjö, Skövde, Boden, Halmstad will make blocking positions and at all cost avoid being surrounded while trying to get the enemy's advance to bog down.

    The 4 Swedish COYs are assigned as you see on the map with the danish Home Guard / Recruit BDE on the left and the swedish Homeguard BTNs on the right. Until the danish NRF BGs Arrive it is essential that we keep Object Benjamin and Object Nillie because they contain crossroads and intact bridges we will need later on.

    Also to secure BG Freja we will dispatch a Mech INF PLT to Obj. Queen (Freja 4.2) and Obj. Uncle (Freja 4.3) they are to go there with all haste as soon as they arrive in the area.
    The rest of the Spearhead from BG Freja are to coordinate with the 4 Swedish COYs on where they are needed when they arrive. The enemy is bound to attack soon so the Freja Spearhead is to maintain 10 minutes readiness.

    The spearhead units will be as follows:
    1st SQN / 1st PN BTN / Jyske Dragon REG + AO 1st BTY / 1st BTY / 3 AA
    4th COY / 1st PN BTN / Jyske Dragon REG - 2nd and 3rd PLT
    1st OPKL PLT  / 1st OPKL SQN / 3rd RECON / Gardehusar REG

    1st (Fløj)BTY / 1AA / DAR are expected to arrive in 30-45 mins

    [Finally: The player's mission]

    Intent: Give a statement that defines the purpose of the operation

    a) Concept of Operation:
    [Explain in general terms how the Platoon/Company will accomplish the task and any essential tasks that support the mission. Designate decisive points and form of maneuver. Limit to six sentence statement.]
    i) Maneuver:
    [Designate by squad/platoon each task to be accomplished. Identify Company/Platoon Main effort supporting units/tasks to main effort.]
    ii) Fires:
    [Describe the concept of fire support (Arty and CAS) in relation to scheme of maneuver. Include priority of fire, priority targets (High Pay-Off Targets  <HPTs> , and any pre-planned  fire support targets/events ("First platoon reaches PL DOG, TGT AA0001, SMOKE, is fired VIC OBJ Oak to assault of OBJ)]

    iii) Additional assets:
    [Engineer/Air Defense Arty.]

    b) Tasks to Maneuver units:
    [Specify tasks other than in para 3a. and the purpose of each task. Each task should be listed in separate subparagraphs.]

    c) Tasks to Combat Support Units:
    [Tasks to units like Arty, Engineers, etc.]

    [Coordinating instructions for 2 or more subordinate units. Include: Order of March, Line of departure of time, Start Point times (SP), etc.]


    PLT Net
    Vehicle callsign as in 11 etc…

    Freja BG Command Net (If you have a Command Position use Channel Command)
    (79) CO 1st BDE
    (89) XO 1st BDE
    (86) OO 1st BDE (S3,S5)
    71 CO BG 1st SQN CO (Leo2A5)
    74 CO BG 4th COY CO (CV9035DK Command)
    (QL1) CO 1st COY  72nd Mech INF BTN
    (RL1) CO 2nd COY  72nd Mech INF BTN
    (SL1) CO 3rd COY  72nd Mech INF BTN
    (TL1) CO 4th COY  72nd Mech INF BTN
    81 XO 1st SQN CO (Leo2A5)
    84 XO 4th COY CO (Merc 240 GD Command)
    68 AO Artillery FO (M113G4 AO)
    76 FO liaison officer to the Swedish BTN CO (Merc 240 Command)
    VL52 Swedish Liaison officer to the danish NRF
    63 OO Operations Officer (S3,S5) In HQ
    (VL31) Operations Officer (S3,S5) In 72nd Mech INF BTN
    64 EO Intelligence Officer (S2) In HQ
    (VL21) Intelligence Officer (S2) in 72nd Mech INF BTN
    (VL01) CO 72nd MECH INF BTN
    (VL02) XO 72nd MECH INF BTN
    (VL10) 72nd MECH BTN CP
    (VL20) 72nd MECH BTN alternate CP
    11 1st PLT CO 1st SQN (4 Leo2A5)
    12 2nd PLT CO 1st SQN (4 Leo2A5)
    13 3rd PLT CO 1st SQN (4 Leo2A5)
    41 1st PLT CO 4th COY (4 CV9035DK + 4 INF Squads)
    42 2nd PLT CO 4th COY (4 CV9035DK + 4 INF Squads)
    43 3rd PLT CO 4th COY (4 M113G4 + 4 INF Squads)
    45 PNMMT SEK CO 4th COY (Medium Mortars 2 M106A1)
    55 Maintenance and Supply PLT CO 4th COY
    14 1st OPKL PLT CO 1st OPKL SQN (2 Leo1A5DK, 4 Merc 240 Recon,1 M113G4 + 1 Squad, 1 M106A1, 1 Merc 240 Command)

    a Oskar in the callsign indicates an Operator
    a Alfa in the callsign indicates the callsign himself (Actual)
    a Xray in the callsign indicates the XO of the unit if they don’t have their own callsign
    () indicates they are not permanent on the this NET
    PNMK : Armoured Firesupport (Should be M113A2 Mk I DK but CV9030 are used instead)
    PNMMT : Armoured Medium Mortars (Should be M106A1 but M1064 are used instead)
    OPKL : Recon

    Scenario made by Crazy Scandi PLT
    Story and Units: Major Duck and Kingtiger
    Waypoints and Programming: Swordsmandk
    Testing: UKA

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    DONE - Catastrophe for Sweden - Sunday February 7th Empty Bump

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    Updated the Briefing

    DONE - Catastrophe for Sweden - Sunday February 7th KsDcju9
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