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    M113 A2 DK (PNMK M / 92)

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    M113 A2 DK (PNMK M / 92) Empty M113 A2 DK (PNMK M / 92)

    Post by Major Duck Wed Jan 20, 2016 3:01 pm

    M113 A2 DK

    M113 A2 DK (PNMK M / 92) M113A2_1stor

    Build 1989 - 1993 by E. Falck Schmidt in Odense, and implemented 1992, the M113A2 is armed with a 25 mm Oerlikon-Contraves machine-cannon ranging up to 1.500 m and a German 7.62 mm machine-gun mounted co-axially. The 25 mm Oerlikon-gun has a firing-rate of approx. 600 rounds a minute. The guns are mounted in an Italian Oto Melara turret. The M113A2 does also have a thermal sight produced by Zeiss. It is used in armoured infantry companies - each company having 2 M113A2s. 50 units were ordered.
    Main differences between A1 and A2 is a more powerful turbo-charged engine (Detroit Diesel, 6V53T developing 265 hp at 2.800 rpm), improved suspension and improved cooling- and heating-system.
    When implemented at the IFOR/SFOR forces in the former Yugoslavia, 6 M113A2s were retrofitted with "add-on armour". The body is protected with the FMC armoured plates, "spall liner" and "belly armour", the fuel-tanks are filled with "safety foam balls" and the turret with a Danish kit consisting of ceramic and armoured plates developed by E. Falck Schmidt and Roulund in Odense. The M113A2 can resist fire from weapons up to 14.5 mm at at range down to 100 m.
    The M113A2 was nick-named "Wildcat" in the first stages of the project, but due to copyright-problems, it was never officially adopted.
    The project was worth 357 mil. DKr (1987).
    With the Defence Agreement 2005 - 2009 made in 2004, it was decided that the M113A2 no longer would be a part of the inventory of the Danish Army. A few have been rebuild as fire fighting vehicles to supersede the ageing M113A1 fire fighting vehicles.

    Unofficially we called them Mickey Mouse because the first year they could only open the Commanders and Gunners hatch to vertical and they are round and the vehicle have a rater high profile and with those 2 hatches sticking up it look like Mickey in profile

    M113 A2 DK (PNMK M / 92) Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT_2PpgYKOiQQ7GrJWnBds3oYohz7msr8IFkpf0aRDOTeLc_mJT

    It was plagued by problems with the feeding mechanisms of the gun throughout its service life they had to take precautions with the feeding every time they fired.

    Besides being a Ground to ground fire support vehicle to make up for the shortages of the M113 as an IFV it was intended to also provide anti helicopter fire from the start that was actually written into the law

    They where used until we got the CV9035DK which made them obsolete

    Google translate:
    Dansk Panser wrote:
    In defense agreement in 1987, it was decided to acquire a fire support vehicle for the armored infantry. PNMK M / 92 rolled out to the combat troops in 1992 as a defense against other attacking vehicles and to counter the growing threat from helicopters.
    The vehicles came from the United States and assembly work was carried out by E. Falck Schmidt A / S, as in several of the different tank projects.
    It was decided that the new vehicles would be built on the new M113 vehicles which were purchased from the US. The 25 pieces. M113A2 were delivered in 1992. They were then delivered to E. Falck Schmidt A / S standing for the actual collection of the various components.
    As armament on the new system, chose a 25mm cannon. It was a Oerlikon Contraves 25mm KBA cannon. It was put in a tower from the Italian company Oto Melera. Here the choice fell on a Oto Melera T25 tower. There was also installed a 7,62mm turret gun (LMG M62/G3).
    To support this system, they chose sights from German Zeiss.

    It was a very typical project from the HMAK (Army Material Command) in that they thought that they could do better then the many many off the shelf vehicles many with combat experience on top. So they Bought and american vehicle, Italian turret, a Swiss gun , German MG, German Tracks, Danish radios, and the difference in engineering that those country's had made the assembly very difficult and plagued it throughout its service life.


    Origin:    Denmark
    Type:     Armored Auto cannon (Fire support not IFV)
    Speed:   65 km/t (Unofficially they vent much faster so fast in fact that they had to strengthen the 2 front torsion bars and shock absorbers)  
    Range    480 km
    Weight   13,4 tons
    Width     2,7 meter
    Height    2,7 meter
    Length    5,2 meter
    Ground clearance 0,40 meter
    Crew      4
    25 mm Automatic Canon (Oerlikon Contraves KBA)
    7,62 mm M62
    8 Smoke dischargers

    MTU 6V 183 TC22 6-cylinder diesel, 265 Hk at 1300 rpm
    6 Forward og 2 Back
    Electric system
    24 volt
    2x12 volt
    It had addon Armour fitted when used in KFOR/SFOR operations


    It was used in KFOR/SFOR
    M113 A2 DK (PNMK M / 92) M113A2_6storM113 A2 DK (PNMK M / 92) M113A2_14storM113 A2 DK (PNMK M / 92) M113A2_5storM113 A2 DK (PNMK M / 92) M113A2_4storM113 A2 DK (PNMK M / 92) M113A2_2storM113 A2 DK (PNMK M / 92) M113A2_21storM113 A2 DK (PNMK M / 92) M113A2_22storM113 A2 DK (PNMK M / 92) M113A2_13storM113 A2 DK (PNMK M / 92) M113A2_3stor

    M113 A2 DK (PNMK M / 92) KsDcju9
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