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    DONE - TANK COMPANY IN ATTACK @ Sunday 10 of January

    Major Duck
    Major Duck

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    DONE - TANK COMPANY IN ATTACK @ Sunday 10 of January

    Post by Major Duck on Fri Jan 08, 2016 2:13 am

    We will be playing Zipulis scenario "TANK COMPANY IN ATTACK" newly update by Swordsmandk (Blue side only)
    Grenny will be the CO

    TS will be on Kanium

    Try to sort your 2 talk buttons ahead of time for our Channel commander setup which is now SOP
    Channel commander setup guide

    The briefing is up
    so ready your ammo and calibrate your guns  bounce
    CU there
    Major Duck
    Major Duck

    Posts : 158
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    Age : 53
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    Re: DONE - TANK COMPANY IN ATTACK @ Sunday 10 of January

    Post by Major Duck on Fri Jan 08, 2016 3:15 pm

    From Grenny:

    CO's OPORD

    [QUOTE=Grenny;281169]GRAPHIC OPORD attached as *.zip file (=map screenshots)

    Tank Company in Attack

    An enemy mechanized battalion is attacking along HIGHWAY 7 (HW7). Their mission is to secure the western flank for an upcoming brigade's attack along the HW7. Our last recce flight just spotted the enemy recon element moving from CHURCHILL to CURLYLAKE direction, as well as a company sized mechanized force moving into positions south of LILTOWN. The enemy has mainly BMP and modern T-72 equipment, along with ATGMs.

    Our Tank Company is moving in column to attack the enemy. A friendly AT-platoon has secured the northern flank 2km west from HW7.

    1st Tank Company (+) will ATTACK along the marked open terrain (north boundary = Roundlake-Twinsnake swamp-Liltown, south boundary = Fishybay-Backwood swamp-Hairyhole lake), DESTROY enemies in the way, TAKE the narrow woods north of CHURCHILL (marked on map as OBJ) and HOLD HW 7 UNDER SURVEILLANCE.

    We have the support of an SPA battery (6 tubes in 2 platoons). We have reports that the enemy indirect assetts have fallen behind their attack...

    -You can end the mission manually by using TRIGGER 10 at any point...

    1) The enemy is completely random in its deployment and movements, though expect the enemy intel given above to be "on target"
    2) Mission will end if
    a) mission is accomplished and enemy destroyed or
    b) if casualties rise over 50%
    c) manual trigger is used
    3) FRIENDLY ID is ON!
    -Pressing left shift (default key) and pointing at any friendly unit you will see his callsign displayed

    Original: Aug 2009
    Edited to PE 2.6xx standards: July 2012

    Mission and map: Zipuli

    I'll add the company orders in the German FRAGO form, which goes by the accronym "FNAKI"(=engl: ENMTL ??)

    Enemy Recon elements an possible company sized vanguard(part of mechBN) are advancing in our sector

    (N)left/right neighbor:
    left flank secured by AT-platoon
    right: none

    A(mission): attack towards OBJ ,destroy enemy forces and secure/overwhatch HW7 IOT terrain at OBJ Churchill
    We will attack with Mech as recon ahead Till AZ-1, the 2 Tank plt abreast, MechInf+3rd Tank plt following

    K(tasks to subord. units/requests to CS):
    -1st platoon
    Overwatches along ROAD-1 IOT secure MechInf left flank (do no expose yourself to enemy at Hill 69/64)
    On order dashes through chockepoint at road 1 under overwatch/suppresive fire by artillery IOT to gain
    BP against HILL 64
    After that attack on the comp. left wing over FARM 1 -FARM3 towrad OBJ
    Destroys all enemy vehicles
    coordinates movements with 2nd plt
    Takes defensive BN on the left side of OBJ

    -2nd platoon
    Stays behind 1st platoon at start
    On order dashed through chockepoint at road-1 behind 1st plt, IOT gain BP against HILL 69
    Attack on the companies right, MAIN EFFORT HERE!
    coordinates movements with 1st platoon and Mechinf
    takes BP on the right side of OBJ

    -3rd platoon
    acts as local reserve,
    follows one bund behind 1st plt starting in front of PL-1
    is prepared to reenforce 1st or 2nd plt during the attack
    secures left and right flank of the company against possible counterattacks

    -1st, 4th MechInf coy
    Moves ahead under overwatch of 1st plt IOT recon/secure AZ-1, I need to know if enemy are at HILL-64 or HILL 69
    After that follows behind 2nd plt. Is prepared to attack around 2nd plt on the left (over GREEN 2 GREEN3 ) or right (over 6-houses/Footswamp) IOT
    neutralize enemy AT-team and enable further attack by the tank plts

    -Fire support
    Request to fire support
    -on order, BLIND enemy in area of PL-1 IOT enable deployment of company through the chokepoint at road 1
    -suppress enemy at HILL 69/64 IOT support 1st and 2nd platoon
    -overwatch futhrer attack by the company
    -observe and be prepared to neutralize enemy in and around CHURCHILL during attack on OBJ

    follow 1 bound behind 3rd platoon,
    stand by to provide CLASS V resupply and repair/recovery

    I(coordination measures)
    -coms over TS(channel commander)
    -We use Reference point HOTEL at grid 9600 5000
    -I'll be moving with 1st platoon till PL-1, with 2nd platoon after that[/QUOTE]


    Dums have more fun

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